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[Notice] Update notes U 7/30/2020
[Notice] Maintenance M 7/28/2020
[Notice] Update Notes U 6/30/2020
[Notice] Maintenance M 6/28/2020

                  Server list

50X Semi-Hard 0


1000x Server Info

General Information
Server VersionSeason 15 Part 1 Episode 3
ExperienceX1000 (Normal, Master, Majestic)
Max Level1200
Points per Level5/7
Points per Master Level2/3
Max Stats32767
ResetsON, 400 Level , Cost 1M zen*Reset count
Reset MethodIn game by using /reset command
Reset Clear StatsYes, 525 Points per Reset
Grand ResetsON , Requires 250 Resets, Clears stats and Resets
Grand Reset Reward2000 WCoins and 50,000 Goblin Points (Exchange with Ruud)
OfflevelON, 12Hour Limit, Disabled in Arena and low level maps
OfftradeON, Disabled in Arena and low level maps
NoN PvP MapArena , Deep Dungeon 3
Pk ClearIn game ,  /pkclear command , Cost 50,000,000 Zen * Kill Count


Common Basic Settings
Monster Min Level For 3rd Class ML Exp70
Monster Min Level For 4th Class ML Exp120
Can Use Harmony on Anc ItemNO
Allow Excellent On Socket NO
Party Max Level Gap250
Guild Create Level150
Max Guild Members40
Alliance Max Guilds2


Jewels Success Rates
Jewel Of Soul Success Rate60%
Jewel Of Soul With Luck Success Rate85%
Jewel Of Life Success Rate60%
Mysterious Stone Success Rate60%
Mysterious Stone Skill Change Rate65%
Mysterious Stone Luck Change Rate25%


/postPost a message within actual Game Server Channel.
/pkclearClears PK Status.
/offlevelActivates off-levelling system.
/offtradeActivate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first.
/clearbagClear inventory from all items, keep equipped items, inventory, money and ruud.
/cleareventinvClear event inventory.
/wareAllow to switch wares in case MultiWare are available in the Server.
/warPopose a War to opponent Guild.
/propPropose a marry to other player.
/acceptAccept marry proposal after usage of above command.
/teleportTeleports yourself to your marriage partner.
/divorceAllows to take divorce.
/socstopAllows to force stop Battle Soccer match.
/battlesoccerChallenge opposite guild for a battle Soccer match.
/endwarForce stop Guild War Battle.
/scrambleA command for scramble event allowing to provide an answer.


Posted18 / 08 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.