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Ice Valley Castle Guide

The Ice Valley Castle is an exclusive PvP event with its logic similar to Castle Siege. 

When event starts the guild master and his members has to run as fast as possible from Devias to Devias 3 Castle and protect guild master or guild assistance while he sit on castle throne.

The event offers unique reward system, such as special character flame effect for castle owners and wcoins.

Unique to this event are effects, previously mentioned flames over characters and screen shakes within the event.

To register for the event you have to be in a guild and use /regicewind command in registration period time.

Note that on throne only Guild Master and Guild Assistance can sit and claim the throne. Devias 3 move will be disabled during event time.

Time needed to claim the throne is 1.30 minutes. Duration of Event is 30 Minutes. If a Guild claims the throne successfully then the event is finished before 30 minutes.

Event will be played at Saturdays! Registration period 16:30-17:00 UTC+2

Starting period 17:00 UTC+2 (EVENT WILL BE PLAYED ONLY IN SERVER 2)

Flame effects are only for Guild Master and Guild members of winning guild , it also rewards 5000 Wcoins to winners Guild Master to split with his guild members.

Posted18 / 08 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.