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1000X Server Grand Opening

Dear Atlas MU Players,

We are proud to present you our new and uniquely configurated reset server.
Server will run at 1000 experience, it will allow players to get easy max stats so they can start enjoying our 
uniqley high hp/damage pvp system with over 4k attack speeds and millions of damages.

Grand Opening Time:
[GMT +3, 14:00 PM - Athens]
[GMT +7, 18:00 PM - Vietnam]
[GMT +8, 19:00 PM - Philippines]
[GMT -3, 08:00 AM - Argentina/Brazil]

Basic information:
Version: Season 15 Part 1-3
Experience: X1000 (Normal, Master, Majestic)
Points per Level: 5/7
Points per Master Level: 2/3 
Resets: In game /reset command , 400 Level, Cost 1M*reset count
Reset Burns Stats: Yes,  525 Points per reset, Max stats: 32767
Grand resets: From 250 resets, Stats and Resets burns
Grand reset Reward: 2000 Wcoins and 50,000 Ruud
Offlevel: ON , Disabled in Arena and low level maps , 12 Hours Limit
Offtrade: Available in low level maps and Loren Market 
Personal Store: Zen personal store and offlevel store items are sold for Wcoins
NoN PvP: Arena is a non-pvp map where you can level up easy with out getting killed
WCoins & xShop: Farm WCoins with plenty of ways (check drop list) and buy your max gear from xshop and website shop. Play2Win!!!

More Informations can be found below:
More Info and Commands
Drop List and Coins Rewards
Chaos Machine Success Rates

Get FREE Wcoins: 
Share our advertising post to facebook Mu Online groups to get free 500 Wcoins!
After sharing send us your account name, the link for the group and a picture with the advertising post.
Only Facebook groups about MU Online advertising will be accepted.

Posted13 / 08 / 2020

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