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[Notice] Update notes U 7/30/2020
[Notice] Maintenance M 7/28/2020
[Notice] Update Notes U 6/30/2020
[Notice] Maintenance M 6/28/2020

                  Server list

50X Semi-Hard 0


Update Notes

Dear Atlas MU Players,

Maintenance is now completed , thank you for your patience.

Update Notes 
- Fixed Ice Wing Castle event and Channel Change conflict
- Fixed selection of wings mix issues related to wings options, luck and chance rate
- Fixed a conflict between MuHelper and Auto Move function that caused character to keep walking after move
- Fixed Fire Slash skills issues
- Fixed Offline Levelling item pick up system not targetting specified item types to proper inventories
- Fixed Rage Fighter starts attacking party members with Dark Side skill while in party
- Fixed Ring and Pendants resistance options
- Fixed invalid attacks number while blinding
- Fixed AOE firendly fire issue in Arca Battle event
- Fixed increase range 4th skill not working
- Fixed ability to enter Ferea boss zone by abusing the system
- Fixed LastSiegeDate for IceWindValley event not being updated
- Fixed marriage divorce not always set to both sides
- Fixed durability decrease does not visually apply when using Blessing of Spirit
- Fixed monster appear with 0 HP sometimes 
- Fixed item quantities issue upon item pick up
- Fixed some rune wizard spells that couldn't hit slayer
- Blocked ability to abuse Nix and Ferea boss zones with marry teleport and party summon
- Ruud transfer via website will no longer be available
- Radiance errtel options craft bleed,paralyze,binding,punish,blinding chance is now equally between all options
- Decreased jewel of soul/bless drop rate from monsters
- Decreased toca/etoca drop rate from moss
- Permanently increase majestic exp to 20
- Removed sealed items drop from bosses
- Removed non-pvp server
- Increased player capacity of server 1-2

If you are having troubles updating game client through the launcher please download this patch : CLICK HERE!

Best Regards
Atlas MU Administration

Posted30 / 07 / 2020Byjohnwick

Currently this is only one server.