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[Notice] Update notes U 7/30/2020
[Notice] Maintenance M 7/28/2020
[Notice] Update Notes U 6/30/2020
[Notice] Maintenance M 6/28/2020

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50X Semi-Hard 0


Update v0.1.3

Dear Atlas MU Players,

Maintenance is now completed. 
Update notes for patch v0.1.3:

[!] Fixed Magic Stones mix issues
[!] Fixed Pet Trainer mixes issues
[!] Fixed ability to abuse party move by outlaws
[!] Fixed Character name display in game client title bar
[!] Fixed Inability to split (divide) selected talismans
[!] Fixed Double EXP Event issues
[!] Fixed MG/ELF Dark Angel (B) luck issues
[!] Fixed Xshop GP Store faulty descriptions
[!] Added 380 exc weapons to kundun boss drops
[!] Blocked ability to enter to CC and CCS events with Dark and Ghost horses |
[!] Arca war will now be played at Saturdays (check web event timer)
[!] Ice wind valley will now be played at Saturdays and reward to guild masters changed to 5000Wcoins (check web event timer)
[!] New website design and system with bc/ds/cc rankings , donation bonus packages and many more features.

Best Regards 
Atlas MU Administration

Posted30 / 06 / 2020Byjohnwick

Currently this is only one server.